Are you experiencing a leaky roof? It could be time for an upgrade

While all roofs are designed to last, nothing lasts forever. Whether your roof is damaged from a specific event or has just run its course, most roofs eventually do the same thing: leak.

One of the most dangerous events that can happen to any home is experiencing a roof leak. Not only can this be damaging to the structure of your home, but it can also ruin personal belongings, your foundation, and much, much more. Worse yet, a roof leak will always get worse. What starts as a small drip will eventually turn into a much larger leak — sometimes all it takes is one big storm to break the camel’s back.

At Stalcup Roofing & Construction, we believe your roof is the true foundation of your home. We specialize in the installation and replacement of all types, styles, and sizes of roofs. If you believe your home is experiencing a roof leak, we’ll come out to you, determine if your roof needs to be replaced, and provide a complimentary quote. No matter what you need out of your roof, we’re equipped to handle it.

As a safety assurance to our clients, Stalcup Roofing & Construction is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Signs You Are Experiencing a Roof Leak
  • Signs of water on your ceiling or walls
  • Missing or damaged shingles on your roof
  • Consistent and unidentifiable wet areas in your home
  • Missing or damaged flashing on your roof