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Are you experiencing a mossy roof? It could be time for an upgrade

At Stalcup Roofing, we know roofs in the Pacific Northwest. And one of the biggest problems home and commercial property owners face? Mossy roofs.

While moss growth is a completely normal occurrence here in Estacada and the Portland area, it does not mean that it is okay to leave as-is. In fact, if a mossy roof is left for too long, serious and irreversible mossy roof damage can take place. In these cases, a roof replacement might be necessary to keep your roof safe.

We take on roofing installation and replacement projects of all types and sizes. Our team can come out to you, determine if your roof needs to be replaced, and provide a complimentary quote. No matter what you need out of your roof, we’re equipped to handle it.

As a safety assurance to our clients, Stalcup Roofing is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

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“Superior customer service! Belinda was very responsive and always in a great mood. The crew was professional, thorough, and skilled. Highly recommended!”

Randy H.

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Signs Your Mossy Roof Must Be Replaced

  • There is an active leak in your house that cannot easily be repaired
  • You’ve had your roof treated or cleaned and problems persist
  • Structural issues have developed as a result of the mossy roof
  • Too much moisture has ruined the roof and underlayment

Why Do Mossy Roofs Need to be Cleaned or Replaced?

Beyond lessening the curb appeal of your home, moss is a big problem due to its ability to hold water. Roofs are designed to efficiently drain water away from your home when it rains. When moss grows on your roof, however, water is held by the moss. This creates multiple problems.

First off, the moss will grow heavy, eventually and over time weakening the structural integrity of your roof. This lowers the lifespan of your roof, but also increases the likelihood that a leak will develop. Just as crucially, the water-soaked moss will slowly emit water. This creates a high probability of a leak as the water is not able to drain off your roof, it just stays there as if it were a puddle (also a problem).

While some moss that is just there for a couple of months before it is cleaned does not present an issue, if left for years and left to fester, this can cause your roof to need to be replaced due to a major leak or structural issue.

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Reliable Roofing Replacement & Cleaning

At Stalcup Roofing, we offer roof replacement and installation to home and commercial property owners. We install multiple types of roofs, and will always present you with your options and fill you in completely so you can make the right choice for your specific situation.

If your roof does not need to be replaced, we offer comprehensive cleaning services to help rid your roof of moss and ensure it does not grow back.

No matter the type of home or roof you need to replace or clean, our roofers will work with you and your budget to provide the best option for your situation.

We’re Known For…


Our experienced roofers have worked in the Estacada and Portland area since 1994. Our reputation and reviews prove our standing in the community.

Customer Care

We treat our customers like family. Our organized and responsive approach ensures great communication and a roof that meets expectations.

Quality Work

We exclusively use top-of-the-line roofing products and methods that are known as the best-in-the-biz.

Personalized Options

Our roofing contractors have the knowledge, industry experience, and savvy to design and build a roof perfect for your space.

A Warranty You Can Trust

We build roofs that last. To provide peace of mind, we back all of our roofing projects with a generous labor warranty. We’re also proud to honor the full manufacturer’s warranty on materials.

If you experience any issues whatsoever, we’ll be by your side to make it right and are always here to answer your call.

Lifetime Care For Long-Lasting Roofs

We offer preventive roof maintenance and roof repair services.

Our team provides:

  • RThorough inspections to determine the structural integrity of your roof
  • RRegularly-scheduled roof cleaning and inspections
  • RRoof repairs for unexpected leaks or roof damage


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Where We Work

Our local roofing company is proud to service the entire Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas.

Fix Your Roof For The Long Haul

At Stalcup Roofing, we’ve earned the trust of our community through outstanding service, local experience, and superior roof repair services. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust, too. You’ll be glad you did.

Call 503-630-5692 or contact us online to request a free estimate. There is never an obligation for our advanced inspection.

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