Are you experiencing a damaged or failing metal roof? It could be time for an upgrade

At Stalcup Roofing & Construction, we are metal roof experts in the Pacific Northwest. While metal roofs are known for their outstanding durability and longevity, problems can and do develop, particularly when a metal roof has been installed poorly.

While metal roof damage can be common, it is crucially important to address the situation at the first sign of a problem. When left to fester, structural damage and further damage to your roof and home can develop. In these cases, a roof replacement might be necessary to keep your roof and home safe.

We take on metal roofing repair, installation, and replacement projects of all types and sizes. Our team can come out to you, determine if your roof needs to be replaced, and provide a complimentary quote. No matter what you need out of your roof, we’re equipped to handle it.

As a safety assurance to our clients, Stalcup Roofing & Construction is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.